Thermal-Grid DL2

Solar Thermal Web-based monitoring

Datalogger DL2Thermal-Grid is a cloud based Monitoring Service. Thermal-Grid firmware enables datalogger to deliver data. Users access information with a secure login on the public Internet.

Thermal-Grid service specifications:

Login at Reports are built for Installers, building owners and service people.

Access current and historical data

  • Critical temperatures points
  • Pump cycles
  • Solar fraction

Reports for O & M

  • Shared service history
  • Performance benchmarks
  • Operational data of system equipment

Alarms protect system

  • Email alert to technicians
  • Event log traces service history

Monthly Health reports

  • Production
  • Contribution
  • System indicators
  • Incentive reports

Custom services are available for analysis

Hardware Specifications

  • Datalogger DL2 V. 1.45 or V. 1.46 (part No. 11205059)
  • Manufactured by RESOL®
  • Power supply: Input voltage of power supply adapter: 100 ... 240 V~ Rated current: 350 mA
  • Input voltage of Datalogger: 5V DC ± 5%
  • UL-listed
  • Ready to plug in, with power adapter and RESOL VBus®-cable to connect to any Vbus Controller or device Network cable, 1m to connect to the Internet (router or switch port)
  • Wall plugs and mounting screws
  • Terminal block (for extending the RESOL VBus® -cable)
  • Memory: 180 MB internal memory, with a logging interval of 5 min. sufficient for:
    • 30 months for a systems with one DeltaSol® M, one HKM and one WMZ module
    • 60 months for a system with one DeltaSol® M and one HKM
    • 120 months for a system with one DeltaSol® M
  • For more detail on compatible hardware see

Note: Thermal-Grid can be supplied with a DL2, or firmware upgrades are available using an SD card for older DL2s (V.1.45/1.46)

Monitoring turns data into practical information in useful formats, establishes performance benchmarks and improves managing seasonal or load variations. Remote monitoring alerts technicians when performance drifts or components fail, streamlines operations and management of your solar hot water investment. If you don’t monitor it, you can’t manage it