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This monitoring package will allow for two energy measurements. One for Solar Thermal Production and one for Solar Thermal Contribution Measurements. Choose a flow meter size that corresponds with the flow rate of the system.


DL2 comes with a 1 yr free subscription to the monitoring data portal at the Technician Access Level. After a year the user will have to purchase a new subscription.


If the flowmeter sizes are not shown contact us to create a custom package.


  • BX Full Kit - includes 4 temp sensors (2xFKP6, 3xFRP6)

  • Pulsing Flow Meter

  • Grundfos VFS Flow Rate and Temperature Sensor

  • Grundfos RPS Pressure and Temperature Sensor

  • 3 Thermowells for PT1000 sensors

  • Thermal-Grid  DL2

BX Monitoring Package Option 3

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