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Solar Wave Energy, Inc. has been in the solar industry providing products and services since 1978.

Solar Wave Energy, Inc.  began as Solar Wave Construction in 1978 building site-built collectors and installing manufactured products. We installed hot water, space heat and pool systems. using most types and brands of equipment of that time.We installed active and passive systems, drain-back, closed loop, and air systems. In the mid 80’s we built a line of flat-plate collectors, storage tanks and system kits for manufactured homes. Over the years we continued to service the various types of systems common to the New England climate. 30 plus years of climbing roofs and working in basements allows you to understand the pulse of a system. Following behind the plumbers who did not have the solar training they needed will teach you a lot. Solar thermal systems do not require rocket science, but like any mechanical system they need to be installed properly if you want them to continue to work.

To be fair to the plumbers, they are not a class of problems for solar hot water systems. The largest class of problem cases (including plumber, electricians and various home improvement contractors) is that people will endeavor to install a solar hot water system without proper training or knowledge. Back in the mid 70’s the New England Fuel Institute offered solar training. Today there are many more trained installers including NABCEP certifications. and there are many trade programs training students for both PV and solar thermal.

Over the years we learned a lot about what works, what does not and how to test for it. Today while I could sit in a basement hearing a pump whirl or fluid gurgle through pipe while feeling the pipe surface temperature it is easier to do so from the office. The WEB has changed many jobs. Driving to sites is reduced and troubleshooting can be done from my desk without needing to find that sunny day for a visit. If the weather is poor today I can look through the history and see how the system performed on all types of days. Controller settings can be adjusted to eliminate cycling and confirm operations getting the most energy out of the panels. As grandmother said “use your head to save your feet” today you need to use your head and WEB based services to save the wheels of your truck from rolling. Service truck miles are expensive and this service will save many miles of travel.

As part of our assessment in the early days

we measured performance as well as we

could, given the early digital technology.

We bought our first data logger in 1975 and

later built our own Advanced Energy Monitor

in the early 2000’s. Today as data loggers

are better and cheaper and controllers are

smarter and loaded with data features, we

have focused on turning that data in to more

useful information. Today there is plenty of

data flying around, so the challenge for us is to sift through all of the data so we can deliver what is most important.  Today our product reduces that pile of data to just the status or a production report, alarm or alert calling attention to an issue.

We invite you to test-drive Thermal-Grid. Monitoring your system allows you to manage it. We provide tools to reduce downtime, increase performance, and assess value produced. We have 30+ years of experience in solar heating, and a team who understands monitoring from sensors to user-friendly presentations. We deliver information to both Installer, Service Tech and System Owner. Owners can see their performance history, and Servicers know if a failure occurs before the owner experiences any loss of performance.

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