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A solar hot water system is an excellent investment which

provides many years of delivered solar energy and a good

return on your investment.  Solar energy is safe, clean and

dependable as the day is long, as long as it is running

properly. In the first few months or years of ownership,

people often pay great attention to the new solar appliance

while it harvests free energy from the sun. As time goes on,

often people just expect continued reliability but if nobody

is watching, a dip in performance or a faulty pump may go

unseen until the next fuel bill comes in for the backup heat. If you have stopped looking at your fuel bill and have automatic bill paying, it might take quite some time to notice any system failures. Automatic monitoring keeps a watchful eye over your system while you can forget the daily cycles of pumps running and fluid transferring heat to your building.

  • Web-based monitoring allows you to verify that your system is running well and your investment is working for you.

  • A secure login allows you to see all current and historical information about the operation of your system from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet.

  • Manage systems efficiently at a low cost.

  • Monthly "System Health Reports" are emailed providing output and indicators of performance for the previous month giving you a periodic solar utility report even when you forget about your system.

  • Alarms can be emailed to you showing you the same alerts that your service technician receives.

  • Virtual Service Contracts are available with customizable alerts.



Most solar heating systems require little maintenance, but as with any mechanical system, using good management tools can reduce maintenance costs over the life of the system. A well designed and installed solar hot water or heating system should provide energy for many years. Flat-plate collectors can last 30 plus years. Tanks, pumps, motorized valves, transfer fluid and minor components may not last as long. Production requires all components to be functioning well. Catching those minor failures before they become problem is critical. Monitoring reduces downtime by viewing data in real time and storing historical data as well to find reduced performance or component failure before you do. If you have a service contract with your installer and a pump fails, they will know your system status before your tank cools down.

Web-based monitoring adds an extra insurance for a reliable technology allowing solar thermal energy to satisfy your energy needs 24/7 for many years. 

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