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System Designer

Solar Wave provides valuable insight for designing a monitoring solution to fit your design.

Monitoring Expertise

With over 10 years of monitoring experience focused on

Solar Thermal we understand and can help to share that

knowledge with system designers so that monitoring

is a planned feature and not an after thought.

Solar Thermal monitoring is riddled with the potential for

poor sensor installation leading to poor data. If sensors

are installed in the correct manor and in the correct

locations we can verify that the data coming in is useful and can also be used for verification of system operation and can be used for measuring system Production and Contribution values.

Monitoring for incentives

Many state and federal programs require monitoring in order to gain incentives. Quality data monitoring will result in quality data to get an accurate value of Solar Production or Contribution which can be submitted to various programs for incentives. Incentives vary state to state.


Verify your system operation

As a system designer you like to know if the system that you designed is working as you had originally intended. With the Thermal-Grid platform you can continually check in on system performance to make sure things are operating and also check for any abnormalities in the system operation.

Contact us to monitor your solar thermal system.

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