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Installer & Service Person

ThermalGrid was created from 30 years of experience

installing and servicing solar systems. Monitoring

provides a comprehensive remote management

solution. Our monitoring service helps you verify

operations and evaluate system efficiency and

performance in real time from anywhere over the


Your new solar system is complete and you turn on

the switch, what happens?  The reality is building

schedules and weather are difficult to plan -  your

equipment is complete, the building is not yet occupied, the weather rainy or snowy for weeks, perhaps the only sunny days are on Sundays...   how do you commission the system?  Remote management allows you to measure output and modify controller settings from your desk. Historic data allows the installer/service person to fine tune the controller to reduce unnecessary pump cycles, inappropriate temperature patterns and achieve optimum efficiency. 

  • A secure login at "Technician" level allows you to see all current and historical information as well as make controller adjustments to fine tune settings.

  • Web-based monitoring allows you to verify that all your systems that are running well reducing commissioning expense.

  • Allows you to remotely see performance at an instance rather than driving to and from sites unnecessarily.

  • Installer and service professionals can share operational information when you see system behavior you don't understand.

  • Great tool for training new installers and service technicians.

  • Monthly "System Health Reports" are emailed with output and indicators of performance for the previous month giving you a periodic report.

  • Alarms are be emailed to all "Technicians" with authority to the site allowing your team to collaborate.

  • Catch minor failures before they become problem is critical.

  • Monitoring allows fewer people to manage the operation and maintenance of portfolios of systems.

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