Thermal-Grid Compatible Hardware

We provide web-based monitoring and management tools gathering data from solar thermal (heating & cooling) systems, Photovoltaic, and conventional fuel backup systems. Data is data. So if your controller or data acquisition system can send us your data we can provide better tools to display and manage your system.

We have an open data API that allows users to submit any kind of data from any device. Most users would prefer to buy a device that submits the data automatically and not have to worry about it, and therefore we usually try to work with manufacturers to help make it all plug-and-play. Whether you use one of the recommended devices we’ve already got integrated, or you need to submit data from a new data source, the system is open, easy to use, and has no lock-in.

There are various hardware packages that allow for easy plug in setup that you may want to choose. As an independent “3rd party” we offer a neutral platform focused on any single or multi device system.

  • RESOL is a manufacturer of a line of sophisticated solar controllers able to handle any solar heating, cooling or distribution functions. Thermal-Grid DL2 uses Resol DL2 (versions 1.45 & 1.46, Note: Currently we do not support the DL2 V 2.0 architecture): hardware is compatible with all controllers and heat-meters(WMZ, WMZ-G1) with VBus communications.
  • The Thermal-grid DL2 is compatible with all solar controllers with VBus data connections including those manufactured by Resol, Stiebel-Eltron, Caleffi, Viessmann.
  • Solar-Log® gathers data from Photovoltaic inverters and can deliver data about your PV system so it can be added to solar thermal and other data, providing a complete management tool.
  • EKM Metering offer “EKM Push” and metering packages. ( 
  • eGauge Systems  LLC offers electrical energy monitoring hardware that can be added to your Thermal-grid site
  • Embedded Data Systems offer "HA7Net - Ethernet 1-Wire Host Adapter". It is capable of reading 1-wire sensors that can give additional temperature, humidity and other sensor data, which can be added to a Thermal-grid site. (

If you have questions about hardware compatibility contact