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Smart-Pump Stations

Turnkey monitoring solutions for pumpstations

smart pumpstation small commercial resid

Pump stations are an integral part of many Solar Thermal

Systems. They allow for a modular installation insuring that

all components are already included, speeding up the

installation time, and allowing for repeatable system designs.

By adding a Thermal-Grid DL2 and a few additional sensors

a normal pump station can be transformed into an

intelligent control and monitoring center which gives live

feedback on the systems operation remotely.

It also allows for installers to maintain the system while not at

the site.


  • Full time Internet connection

  • Power for controller and DL2 (surge protection recommended)


​What you get:

  • 24/7 Up the minute monitoring with a valid network connection

  • Production Calculation based on Relay runtime or flowrate

  • Alarms

  • Monthly Reports


Reduce system downtime

  • Alert Technicians as soon as there is a problem

  • Track on going system performance

  • Repeatability of sensor locations makes monitoring of multiple sites more reliable

  • Change system parameters remotely

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