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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What does the “disconnected” alarm mean?

Data is not reaching the server(web-based database). This could be something with your Internet connection, local network, router, switch, or the DL2. Troubleshooting starts with the simple things. Is the power light on? Is the red bar flashing? (note: if so, data is being gathered from the controller and is stored locally, ready to be uploaded when connection is restored). Is there Internet access from other computers on the network? Is there an Internet connection on the Ethernet cable connected to the DL2? ( possible test: Check that a laptop(wireless off) can reach the Internet using the cable that is plugged in to the DL2)

What do I do if I see an alarm?

Alarm categories:

  1. Alarms in the portfolio timeline are alerts to a condition that is out of the ordinary and should be noted.

  2. Emailed alarms are conditions that have existed long enough(default 1 Hour) that they should be observed by a installer/service person

Some alarms need immediate action while others may be a statement that a condition warrants some attention. There are certain hardware alarms that come as defaults such as broken wiring or sensors(open or closed circuits).

What do I do if I see a "negative delta" alarm?
This can be a common alarm on a collector loop where upon startup there may be cold fluid is circulated upon startup. Depending upon system type it may be normal for a brief negative delta but not ongoing. Check that the actual sensor locations are correctly identified on the site diagram or web-schematic.
What do I do if I get frequent email alarm notifications about condition that my installer considers normal?

The “Owners” users can opt out of receiving email notification. The duration of the alarm condition existing before an email is sent can also be adjusted. The technician can extend the “Escalation delay” in the alarm setting menu. Default is 3600 seconds (1 hour).

My Datalogger is full of data and the "USED MEMORY" LED's are not blinking. What should I do?

When the DL2 Datalogger's memory is full all bars will be on solid and nothing needs to be done. When the DL2's memory is full it is still logging data but new data is written over the oldest data. Since all data uploaded is stored on the server this is not a big deal. The red "USED MEMORY" LED's are an indication of how much data is stored on the DL2 datalogger. If it is flashing then it means the DL2 is logging data. Each LED represents 10% of data storage. 

In some cases all LED's on could indicate a failure state of the DL2. Usually this coincides with the DL2 being offline. Check your DL2's network connection on If it is disconnected contact Solar Wave to help diagnose the problem. Usually it takes a power cycle of the DL2 (disconnect power for 5 seconds then reconnect) or a reset of the network to get the DL2 reconnected. 

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