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Audits & Feasibility Study

Plan with information, think before you start

When a building owner investigates the feasibility of a major energy efficiency project or a solar heating system they want to plan for the best solution. Fuel bills, occupancy records and ASHRAE tables provide information for an educated guess about sizing the scale of improvements. Energy efficiency and solar thermal systems can provide great cost effective investments, but can only reduce the load your building uses.


If you don't know the load before you start, you can find out.

  • Monitoring a buildings hot water load can provide engineers and designers real usage patterns to size and operate equipment efficiently.

  • Measuring the load provides information to manage your energy budget.

  • Measure Water usage in detail to understand where the fuel and money goes.

  • Measuring water temperatures in and out of the building along with boiler operation and efficiency provides a system benchmark to design and evaluate energy improvements.

If your energy expenses are high enough to matter, monitoring matters.

  • Verify both quantity of energy, and how it is used.

  • Verify feasibility of proposals from contractors.

  • Assess benefits and actual return on investment.


We provide monitoring and ongoing commissioning tools to manage your energy budget. When large solar systems are installed, monitoring is a standard cost saving O&M measure. Monitoring installed as part of the feasibility process can track impact from the solar and other energy measures installed.

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