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Ongoing Commissioning

Commissioning is a process where all systems are check for proper operations at startup

Ongoing Commissioning is a management solution

that allows the installer to verify all systems are

operating as they are intended, both on day one

and throughout the lifetime of a system. With the

help of Thermal-Grid performance can be assessed

throughout a normal day and also on those extreme

days that happen through a system’s history. After

the installer has gone home Thermal-Grid watches

the system performance and alerts service people or

managers if issues arise. If there is a system failure

or operational problem, an alarm is emailed to the

service technician with details of the failure.

Real-time monitoring allows a 24/7 understanding of energy production and usage. It allows users to view current and historic data with easy to use tools.


Solar hot water systems are built to last a long time. Lifetime monitoring helps reduce downtime insuring many years of service. Monitoring is part of life cycle management. Tools allow building owners and managers see on-going and historic energy usage.

Monitoring packages offer cost effective ways to manage energy usage and reduce operating costs.

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