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Virtual Service Contract

Thermal-Grid‘s virtual service contract can provide you with an extra measure of monitoring

Solar hot water systems are reliable and can run for

years without much attention, however if something

does happen you want to know. Even simple

failures can create downtime, and downtime

means “0” production. Thermal-Grid allows you to

rest easy knowing performance is continually

monitored and alarms will be sent should an issue


Whether you are an installer, servicer or If you manage

your own equipment at home and do not have a

service provider you may want an extra set of eyes to oversee your system.

Thermal-Grid‘s virtual service contract can provide you with an extra measure of monitoring that alerts you to problems or performance issues. Services include monthly health report emailed to owners and installers, and emailed alarms for major issues along with troubleshooting assistance.

Note: information gathered is based on the number of monitored devices and may vary in detail accordingly.

Thermal-Grid monitors your system 24/7 even when you forget about it. We provide on-going monitoring to verify that all systems are working as they are meant to throughout the system’s life. If you do need a service person they can see the current data and historic records to diagnose and fix problems. Real-time monitoring allows an understanding of energy production and usage, and allows users to see current and historic data with easy to use tools. Solar hot water systems are built to last a long time. Lifetime monitoring helps reduce downtime insuring many years of service. Monitoring is part of lifecycle management. Tools allow building owners and manager see on-going and historic energy usage.

Monitoring packages offer cost effective ways to manage energy usage and reduces operating costs.

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