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Thermal-Grid Monitoring

Monitoring provided using the Thermal-Grid DL2 datalogger, plus other compatible devices.

The Thermal-Grid monitoring platform takes data

from multiple sources and puts it all together in easy

to view reports. It also analyzes data, and creates

alarms and summaries. It allows system installers

and owners to view system activity as it is happening

and view history,


Since buying a solar thermal system is investing in

future energy to be produced, customers  will find monitoring the most cost-effective way to insure the highest level of system performance over years of operation.

If a home or building owner wants to buy it and forget it, they can do that with security that Thermal-Grid monitoring will alert them or their installer to issues if they arise. It is a tool that lets the installer see operations screens for installers, including distribution and additional devices.


Thermal-Grid allows you to view data from your desktop tablet or phone. You will see sensor data, daily and weekly trends, and the seasonal ups and down of system operation. It is like a virtual service contract where alarms can be sent to an installer or owner when operations or performance issues appear.


Data is delivered to a cloud based server which you can log into from any Web connected device. Both the owner and installer have access to see how the system is running.


Why is it useful, important (worth buying)?

  • Helps users understand how and when their system is and is not working

  • The installer/service person can observe operations and manage maintenance remotely. Remote web viewing is more convenient than going to the boiler room to check values, or convenient if end user is not on site

  • Historical data shows how the system has run since monitoring began

  • Alerts help the end user and installer to figure out a problem, if one occurs, in a shorter amount of time. This can help to diagnose problems before site visits are required

  • Allows the installer to detect problems before the homeowner notices changes in their bills

  • Helps to protect Investment

  • May be used to receive REC’s, rebates, and incentives which may cover cost of monitoring

How is it Easy?

  • Plug and Play installation, sensors automatically detected

  • Reports allow for data summaries and for deeper inspection.

  • Live schematics allow users to visualize system operation

  • Users with multiple sites will find fleet management tools to quickly view all sites for problems

  • Alarms emailed if a problem is detected by Thermal-Grid

  • Monthly "Health Reports" emailed to keep users up to date on their system status

  • Few to no additional sensors need to be installed

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